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The 25 days 'til Christmas Tag

Twenty-five days 'til Christmas!-  Wait...wait..
Uh..Nope...make that Twenty-one days 'til Christmas!
(golly-gosh-goodness me, the months just jumped off a cliff and flew away..) 

So, Here it is!...The not 25 days  (twenty one days..)  'til Christmas Tag!

1.Thank whoever nominated you. 2. Answer all 2521 questions. 3. Add 21 of your own (questions). 4. Nominate one/two people only once.

1. Would you rather, real tree or artificial tree? 2. What was the weirdest thing you've been given for Christmas?
3. Favourite Christmas Carol? 4. Hardest family member person to buy for? 5. Do you have a Christmas family tradition? 6.What is your favourite (Christmas) treat? 7. From 1-10 how would you rate the year ? 8. Favourite Christmas joke? 9. Do you like the smell of cinnamon candles? (if you don't... well..I guess that's fine but man, you're 10. missing out!)11. Would you rather gift bags or wrapping paper? 11. Favourite Christmas story / Movie? 12. Would you rather…

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